If you want to know the secret to selling on Amazon, it’s right here — and it’s $15


They support more than 300 million active user accounts In 2014, they sold more than 2 billion products. And last year, they accounted for almost half of all online retail sales in the United States.

Of course, we're talking about the retail giant of the 21st century, Amazon So if you're looking to get into the retail game yourself, there is plenty of money to be turned into a Amazon Marketplace virtual storefront. You can find out how to make those dollars without all the growing pain mistakes with the Sell on Amazon: Simple and Effective Strategies course, on sale right now for only $ 15 (80% off) from TNW Deals.

The philosophy is simple You want to start a home business, Amazon thrives on its Marketplace vendors, and this 30-lecture, 10-hour course walks you step-by-step through the process of starting and running a successful Amazon business.

The course is taught by Matt Bernstein, an enterprising University of Massachusetts at Amherst communications student who spent his downtime running an online business that brought in $ 24,000 a year. Now, Bernstein is offering his hard-earned knowledge in this course, providing the roadmap to Amazon's success without the pitfalls that strike less savvy sellers.

This training will show you how to list, set price points, convert sales and even ship as an Amazon-approved vendor – all without a ever-widening time-suck, the rest of your life.

The Amazon-centric instruction usually costs $ 75, but if you get in the limited time deal, you can get the full package for just $ 15.

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